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Elevate Your Office Experience

Indulge in the convenience and security that accompany genuine and legally licensed office software.


Microsoft Office Compatibility for Seamless Collaboration

KDAN Office effortlessly aligns with international standards - OOXML (Office Open XML) and ODF (Open Document Format), ensuring effortless collaboration. Perfect for teams using different Office Software.


Budget Empowerment with Flexibility

Take control of your office software expenses without sacrificing functionality. Acquire the software suite you need, almost half the cost of Microsoft Office.


Dedicated Support Teams

Experience lifetime customer support tailored for both business and individual users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trial period for KDAN Office?


We offer a 14-day free trial. Please specify in the form if you wish to extend the trial period.

Which software is included in the trial package?


Upon trial application, we will send you a trial link. You can download and try KDAN Doc, KDAN Brief, and KDAN Table through the link.

Are there any feature limitations in the trial version?


The trial version has the same features as the official version. We hope you can fully experience the product's functionality.

Which operating systems does KDAN Office support?


KDAN Office supports operating systems from Windows 10 and above. We recommend having a device with at least 1GB of available space and 4GB of RAM.

Which languages does the current product support?


The current product supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Are there discounts for corporate purchases?


Yes. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives to obtain more information.